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I am not the God of medicine, I am the God of enema and detoxification.
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A remarkable true story gets the big screen treatment in the new movie called Dying To Survive. The movie hits the incredibly high score 9 out of 10, given by one of the most famous rating websites -DouBan. 

Dying to Survive, unlike the other movies trying to avoid the real issues in nowadays society as the background of the movie, it chose to crack the hard nut, having the background set from real issue, the contradiction between "expensive but qualified medicine" and "low-priced but fake medicine". It made people to think about the humanity, human rights, business ethics, medical reform, andthe balance between Just and love.

Also, the movie stimulates people to think abouttheir health and life.

Health is priceless, life is priceless!

This is a self-salvation of health that all human kind should pursue on!However, because of the fast-paced life,people are likely to prioritize their work. It is pathologicalto think that health can be earned back by medical or physical treatment.


There is a saying, "Can you guarantee you stay healthy as long as you live?".Many comments and thoughts are given from people about this line, people are deeply touched by it because of uncertainty of the life. So, there is never afluke. Healthy life only can be obtained through scientific and regularlife style.

As we all know, unhealthy gastrointestinal is the source of all diseases.Everything thatyou take are digested and absorbed bytestines.Meanwhile, toxins are also produced.


The Nobel Prize-winner, Meichnikov said: "After the food accumulated in the large intestine is corrupted, harmful substances are formed, causing self-poisoning, and diseases and aging occur. Rotting and odorous. The intestine is absorbing the toxic substance, through theintestine, the toxicants are absorbed in the blood andfinally into thewhole body"

The intestinesare one of the most important systems of the body. If the health of the intestines is out of balance, and it is going to implicate the health of other organs. Therefore, intestinal toxicity is the root of all evils that damages the body's balance.


Dependence onmedical treatment is one of the ways to eliminate human toxins, butthere is an old saying in Chinese, "there is no 100% harmless medicine”. The potential side effects may come along after taking the medicine.

So, how can people achievean easy, safe, comfortableway to get their intestines detoxed?

The intelligent multi-function enema machine, designed bySuzhouGlobalpeak High-TechCo.,Ltd. can help you easily solvethe problem of constipation and eliminatethe toxicity in intestinal tract.


It is the first intelligent multi-functionenema machineusing the air pump technology in China.We import the air pump from the international brand - American Park which has safe propulsion technology, liquid pump separation, to avoid cross infection.34 national patents have been authorized to this product. “Simpleway of using, comfortable experience, no side effects, andgreat performance”. The company has signed cooperation agreements with many domestic hospitals, such asThe Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University  and Nanjing  Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Suzhou Municipal Hospital, 100 People's Liberation Army Hospital,BeijingAnzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University, Suzhou First People's Hospital ofWujiang District,SuzhouWuzhong People's Hospital,

Zhangjiagang Hospital Of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Xuzhou Central Hospital, Hefei Anal Thai Anorectal Hospital, etc.

You deserve the best treatment for your intestines!

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