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Enema Machine was successfully launched Globalpeakin Suzhou Municipal North District Hospital and now is ready to use!
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After giving the presentation from statistical side of view about what are the benefits comes with our enema machine in treatment. Right after the presentation, on Aug.10th ,2018. Our multifunctional enema machine was launched in Suzhou Municipal North District Hospital and now is put in use.

Especially for the treatment in Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). Together is called IBD.

IBD is commonly seen in North America and Europe. Epidemiology from Japan shows that there is a gradual increasing trend of IBD incidence in the past 30 years. A retrospective study from 2012 which included 167 centers from 1930 to 2008 in Europe, 52 centers from Asia and the Middle East and 27 research institutions from North America showed the incidence of CD and UC is increasing gradually each year. Since there is no significant in racial and regional differences in incidence and prevalence of IBD, which suggesting that the incidence of IBD is increasing in the world; Agreement in the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease” from 2012 indicates there is an obvious increasement in amount of patients visiting the hospital because of IBD in the past decade. Though there is no actual epidemiological data of whole population in China, IBD has become a digestive system disease that commonly shows in China. The early symptoms of IBD are atypical which cause the lackness of effective detection methods. The disease is prone to prolonged and repeated after onset, and it commonly comes with multiple intestinal and extraintestinal complications, which influence the quality of life of patients and their families and increase the burden for society. This study aims to improve the clinical symptoms of UC patients and promote mucosal repair by combining traditional Chinese medicine with effective enema.

The intelligent multi-function enema machine developed by  Suzhou Globalpeak High-Tech Co.,Ltd, which directly and effectively contributes to the study. .The therapeutic effect is superior to the interventional treatment of Western medicine and the targeted treatment of Western medicine.


Figure 1, Figure 2 The medical staff of the North District of the Municipal Hospital used our enema machine through treatment.

We feel honored when the patient who was in IBD treatment came to us and gave compliments about how great our enema machine performed, it bettered the customer experience through the whole treatment.

 "people-oriented, innovative and far-reaching, safe and efficient" is always our missions. "easy to use, comfortable experience, no side effects, great result" are the feedbacks from these who has experienced our product. The feedbacks is always encouraging us in our way to improve the intestinal health of human beings!

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