Globalpeak entered the medical cosmetology industry
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On September 6, 2018, Suzhou Globalpeak High-Tech Co.,Ltd.(Globalpeak) and Nanjing Chuxin traditional Chinese medicine skin care center signed a cooperation agreement. As a result, Globalpeak officially entered the medical cosmetology industry,  which is part of our company’s development strategy for human intestinal health.


In accordance with the general trend of consumption upgrading, more and more people are willing to pay for the pursuit of beauty. The “National Cosmetology Industry Development Strategy Planning Outline” led by the National Development and Reform Commission predicts that the annual output value of China’s beauty industry will exceed a trillion yuan by 2020. There will be some leading enterprises with annual sales of more than 50 billion yuan. According to authoritative data, the growth rate of Chinese medical beauty industry exceeded 40% in 2017, far exceeding the global rate of 7%, with a total of 10 million cases. One in every 2.5 consumers of medical beauty in the world is Chinese, and China has become the fastest growing country in the world. Thus, the medical cosmetology industry is still in the blue ocean market, and the market pattern is far from finalized. Entering the field of medical cosmetology at this stage is an important measure for our company to lay out the whole industrial chain with the forward-looking view.


The purpose of this cooperation is to give full play to the advantages of both sides,  provide customers with more high-quality professional services, cooperate to create the best quality brand in the medical cosmetology industry, and promote the upgrade and development of China’s medical cosmetology industry.

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