Globalpeak was invited to participate in the 22nd National Academic Forum on Colorectal Surgery
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    On September 21, 2018,  Professor Ding Zemin's 100th Anniversary Academic Thought Seminar(the 22nd National Academic Forum on Colorectal Surgery) was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Suzhou Globalpeak High-Tech Co.,Ltd.(Globalpeak) was invited to participate in the event.


The forum is sponsored by Jiangsu Association of Chinese Medicine and jointly held by Nanjing Hospital of Chinese Medicine, National Anorectal Medical Center of Chinese Medical and Nanjing General Surgery Clinical Medical Center. The chairman of the conference is Professor Ding Yijiang, Professor Fan Zhimin and Professor Jiang Bin, well-known anorectal experts in China. The participants included dozens of anorectal authorities from all over the country and some foreign counterparts.


The National Academic Forum on Colorectal Surgery is a high-level anorectal disease conference in China, and it also represents a higher level of treatment for anorectal diseases. The conference conducted in-depth discussions on pelvic floor diseases, colorectal tumors, colorectal inflammatory diseases, hot and difficult topics on colorectal diseases, and presented new theories, new knowledge, new technologies and new drugs in this field. 


Our company was invited to participate in this academic forum and brought the intelligent multi-function enema machine to the site of activity.  Through the on-site communication, the experts and scholars in the conference further understood the advantages of the intelligent multi-function enema machine in intestinal treatment. We also showed the first new safe air pump propulsion technology, which was praised by the experts and received warm response.


Many experts, such as Professor Heping from Chengdu Anorectal Hospital and Professor Ren Donglin form The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, are full of praise for our company’s devices. They  are optimistic about the market prospect of enema machine and hope to sign a cooperation agreement with our company.


This conference, regardless of its size, level or influence, is incomparable similar conferences before.  Globalpeak pays close attention to the forefront of anoretal surgery in China and takes part in promoting the specialization of coloretal surgery to a new level.  To this end, we will remain true to our original aspiration and forge ahead. 

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